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Special ReportCOVID-19

Relationships – Logan Rassman, 22

Fourth-Year Biology Major at the University of Texas at Austin, Logan Rassman of Mission, Texas, talks about how her romantic relationship with her boyfriend is being impacted by the Covid-19 Pandemic. She has been in quarantine since before the stay-at-home order was in place in Texas as her sister was in proximity to a person […]

Relationships – Chris Morphis, 22

4. Unlike many who are dealing with the sudden change of being quarantined separately with their significant other, Chris Morphis, a University of Texas student from Austin, shares how his already long-distance relationship with his girlfriend who lives in Kyrgyzstan, has been impacted positively by the Covid-19 Pandemic. “We were already long distance to begin […]

Relationships – Instagram’s Enneagram Singles – Celia Obrien, 27, Jared Withrow, 32, Megan McHenry, 27, & Sonia Alexandra, 24

The creators of Enneagram Singles on Instagram share what it’s like to host a page dedicated to dating during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Celia Obrien of Concord, New Hampshire, Jared Withrow of Bend, Oregon, Megan McHenry of Richland, Washington, and Sonia Alexandra of San Francisco are self-proclaimed Enneagram personality test enthusiasts who hope to see their […]

Relationships – Alyssa Weinstein, 21

Alyssa Weinstein, a University of Texas student from Austin, shares the troubles of being quarantined separately from her boyfriend of almost one full year. She shares her troubles about how she might need to spend her one year anniversary in quarantine and what the stay-at-home order has done to help improve their relationship as a […]

Special ReportPolice Report

In Numbers and Culture, Policewomen are Outsiders

Women outnumber men in Texas, but they make up only 11.5 percent of licensed peace officers.

Police, Community Gaps are Wide in East Texas

The region has large racial disparities between police departments and the communities they serve.

Dallas: An Urban Center Ringed by Disparity

Suburban police demographics haven’t kept up with community population shifts.