Jul 27, 2020

Relationships – Instagram’s Enneagram Singles – Celia Obrien, 27, Jared Withrow, 32, Megan McHenry, 27, & Sonia Alexandra, 24

Reporting Texas

The creators of Enneagram Singles on Instagram share what it’s like to host a page dedicated to dating during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Celia Obrien of Concord, New Hampshire, Jared Withrow of Bend, Oregon, Megan McHenry of Richland, Washington, and Sonia Alexandra of San Francisco are self-proclaimed Enneagram personality test enthusiasts who hope to see their dating creation grow in the future. It has become a great tool for connections at a time when relationships are crucial.

“It’s become much more of a dating connector and a friendship builder almost…so people are connecting through these kinds of things.” (Alexandra)


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