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Residents, Businesses Face Prospect of Moving to Make Way for I-35 Expansion 

TxDOT’s $4.9 billion I-35 Capital Express Central project is intended to reduce congestion and improve the safety of the highway. The Austin section of I-35 has twice been named in the Congress for the New Urbanism’s “Freeways Without Futures” report as one of the American highways in most need of elimination. That section of highway ranked second among Texas’ most congested roadways by Texas A&M’s Transportation Institute. 

From Lake to Tap: How Austin’s Water Becomes Safe to Drink

The water that is used by the Ullrich Water Treatment Plant, one of three water-purification plants for Austin, begins its journey in Lake Austin, along with the multitude of debris that makes it undrinkable. 

With New Funding, Future Looks Bright for Austin’s Art in Public Places

The public art installation Tau Ceti is the tallest of the more than 325 art pieces in the archive of the City of Austin. Eight more public art projects soon will be added to the collection after the city announced $700,000 in additional funding.

How Austin’s LGBTQ Community Hopes to Recover from COVID’s Cultural Vacuum

As venues, bars and theaters shut their doors and cultural funding dried up because of COVID, many Austin LGBTQ arts organizers struggled to keep their heads above water and found it increasingly difficult to connect with their communities. 

May 31, 2022

Pandemic, Criminal Conviction Resulting from Nurse’s Mistake Raises Concerns for Future Healthcare Workers

Hot on the heels of the conviction of a Tennessee nurse at another university medical center, University of Texas at Austin nursing students are wary of joining healthcare workers already stretched to the limit by the COVID-19 pandemic. RaDonda Vaught injected Charlene Murphey with an incorrect drug and failed to monitor her, resulting in Murphey’s death. […]

May 06, 2022

City Council Again Discusses Austin Opera House Redevelopment

The dispute over a proposed 1,200-seat music venue on the site of the old Austin Opera House continued to flare during an Austin City Council meeting Thursday. 

Apr 25, 2022

Austinites Dance With Dogs To Encourage Adoptions From Animal Center

Dances for Dogs and People Who Walk Them, an event held in cooperation with Forklift Danceworks, aimed to encourage adoptions from the Austin Animal Center, the largest no-kill animal shelter in the nation.

Apr 21, 2022

New Pool Creates New Opportunity

AUSTIN – In his final months before becoming a collegiate swimmer, Dietrich Hagenau will train at the new Eanes Aquatic Center at Westlake High School. Ever since Hagenau moved to Austin from California, he has been fighting to get a new pool built for himself and his teammates. “It’s very rewarding to hear that we […]

Apr 21, 2022

UT Student Raises Money for a School in El Salvador

AUSTIN, Texas – Students at the University of Texas are joining together to raise money to repair a school in El Salvador Antony Efrain Rodriguez, a senior nutrition major, visited the Complejo Educativo De San Fernando in Morazan last summer. The United States built the school in the 1970s. He saw a need for new […]

Dec 13, 2021

The Naked History of Hippie Hollow

In a city that prides itself on being weird, Hippie Hollow remains one of Austin’s most unique places. At this county park, stone steps wind their way down a rocky shore on Lake Travis. The Texas sun’s harsh rays are reflected off of the clear waters as the trees provide some shade to bathers. The […]

Dec 13, 2021

Austin Amps Up Communication to Answer Concerns About Feared Return of Deadly Winter Storm

No one could have seen it coming. In a state like Texas, bitter cold temperatures are common during the short winter months, but what happened on Valentine’s Day of 2021 was almost as likely as hell freezing over. The storm, that has come to be known as Winter Storm Uri, brought unprecedented low temperatures to […]

Dec 08, 2021

A Dozen Years On, Austin Organization Still Offering Stuffed Animals for Adoption 

Austin resident Wendy Mitchell has offered stuffed animals for adoption for a decade.

Nov 12, 2021

Central Texans Find Joy and Connection in Roller Skating 

While many roller rinks were shut down during COVID, Central Texans took to Facebook, Instagram and TikTok to find fellow roller skaters and public spaces to skate.

Social skate sessions now happen seven days a week at public spaces around the Austin area, including the Long Center, Palmer Auditorium, Alamo Pocket Park, Bartholomew Park and Rock Sports Arena. 

Nov 05, 2021

I-35 Expansion Plan Sparks Discussion Over Historical Barrier

Clearing neighborhoods and bulldozing businesses to expand an existing concrete barrier that has divided communities or digging deep into a reimagined urban core; these are the choices up for debate in the struggle to find a plan for modernizing I-35 through the center of Austin. Following a public comment period that ended Sept. 24, the […]

Nov 01, 2021

30 Years Later: Yogurt Shop Murders Still Haunt Austin

The murdered girls’ families and those who worked decades trying to find and prosecute their killers say the 30th anniversary of their murders approaches with no sense of closure. The murders remain unsolved, and experts say that crimes lacking resolution can leave a psychological impact on an entire community.

Oct 29, 2021

West Campus Pie in the Sky: An Apartment High-Rise Nightmare

Dust coating floors and countertops. Missing living room furniture. Rats living in utility closets. Trash rooms piled high and overflowing into the hallway. Valuable packages sitting exposed in the lobby. These were among the conditions for residents at The Standard, the latest in a series of newly constructed high-rise apartment buildings in West Campus. The […]

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