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From Page to Screen: UT Students Analyze The Process of Book Adaptations

The “Between the Lines” podcast dives into books making it to the big screen, delving into the most popular adaptations and unraveling the art of translating literary treasure into a cinematic experience. In this episode “From Page to Screen” host Janelle Tanguma and reporter Ariah Rivera-Clemente, senior journalism majors at the University of Texas at […]

San Antonio Reporter Dismisses Trae Young Trade Rumors

As the San Antonio Spurs enter the final quarter of their season, attention is increasingly turning towars the offseason. Sitting on a mountain of assets, speculation continues to grow on how the Spurs plans to build around budding superstar rookie Victor Wembenyama. Rumors of a potential trade involving the Spurs and Hawks star guard, Trae […]

The Science of Sprinkles

Undergrad can be a glorious four years of self-discovery and practice toward your dream career, but for some, it’s the reassurance they need to leave what they’d thought they always wanted.This is exactly what happened to Alex Posner, who graduated from the University of Texas in 2022 after following the pre-med track with a Human […]

Leaders in Austin music industry featured in UT podcast before SXSW

    As Austin prepares for a busy spring festival season, there’s a music festival podcast emerging from students at the Moody College of Communication at UT. The “Keep Austin Live!” podcast is featuring two huge names in their upcoming episode highlighting the history and weirdness of South by Southwest. “A bunch of us who […]

Apr 23, 2024

Behind the Truck Doors Spotlight: Yapa Artisan Empanadas

Produced by Arianna Suniga, hosted by Mackenzie Sullivan Yapa opened its food truck steps away from the Perry-Castañeda Library at the University of Texas in August 2023. The black-and-white food truck serves nine varieties of artisan empanadas Monday to Friday 9:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Raul Escobar, the director of operations and business development behind […]

Apr 22, 2024

Beyond Brisket: The intricacies of Texas barbecue

To some, barbecue might just be a food, but to many Texans, especially Kathleen McElroy, it is so much more than that. “I’m so obsessed with barbecue,” said McElroy, a University of Texas journalism professor and self-proclaimed barbecue lover. She joined host Ivy Fowler on the newest episode of the “Bless Your Heart” podcast, produced […]

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