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As Fewer Americans Attend Church, 2 Austin Congregations Highlight Religion’s Uncertain Future

Two Austin churches — one largely white, the other largely Black — demonstrate the uneven realities of the city’s Protestant Christian congregations during a time when most Americans have stopped going to church. COVID-19 lockdowns exacerbated the decline in churchgoing and, when institutions reopened, many people simply didn’t return. It’s created an unpredictable landscape that churches are navigating.

Navigating Legal Frontiers: Rural Texas Struggles With Too Few Lawyers

In 2021, over 65 counties in Texas had no local lawyer accept an appointment to defend an adult client according to a report from the Deason Criminal Justice Reform Center at Southern Methodist University in Dallas.
“There are some rural counties in Texas, with literally no attorneys registered with a business address,” said Andrew Davies, the director of research at the Deason Center.

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Teacher Shortages Prompt Texas Schools to Recruit Worldwide

To address a teacher shortage, more Texas school districts are turning to the Visiting Teachers Program, which recruits certified educators from other countries. Through that initiative, international educators who are actively enrolled in a J-1 Visa Exchange Visitor Program approved by the Texas Education Agency may receive a temporary visiting international teacher certificate.

Waterloo Records Celebrates Record Store Day as Future Remains Open Question

As other record stores closed amid the transition to digital streaming, Waterloo Records has survived and sometimes thrived. Waterloo was originally housed on South Lamar Boulevard where a veterinary hospital now stands. It moved to its present location on North Lamar 35 years ago. With rents skyrocketing in Austin, Waterloo’s future remains an open question.

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