Painting The Town
Nov 15, 2019

Painting The Town

Reporting Texas TV

Artist, Jibril, (bottom right) after completing one of his first Sip n’ Paints. (Carlignon Jones, Reporting Texas TV)

In the small town of Bay City, Texas, one local artist is finding a way to add some color to a place that might feel dull at times.

“Grant was one that mimicked, me, so seeing his qualities I knew it was my duty to pore into him and to see where he could go with it,” said “Jibril’s mother Felecia Lewis.

And Grant “Jibril” Neal who simply goes by “Jibril” went far. Partnering up with his classmate Dominica Grant to turn his passion into a community peace by starting Sip n Paints, a form of painting with a twist, in his hometown.

“I had no idea actually of the impact it was going to have on the community,” said “Jibril”.

Within a week of its launch Jibril had over 100 messages from people all over the community asking for his services, but he got his big break in Austin after meeting author, activist, and playwright Tarik Daniels.

“And every year I have a mental health advocacy and suicide prevention art program it’s called “A Night of Love,” and so I met Jibril prior to that and I invited him to display his work and so he did and actually donated a painting to our organization,” said Daniels.

Jibril has gone on to paint local day cares, face painting at parties, and hosted his own art show in his hometown. But, even with all his success Jibril says he feels the community has done more for him than they know.

“I feel like the community is doing me more than a service for the simple fact that, I don’t always look at it as a talent. It takes the people around me or it community to sometimes remind me that hey this is a talent,” said Jibril.

Jibril’s says it’s not about the money but the idea of letting people experience something other than tan building around town

“My goal is to basically just put a smile on everybody’s face.”