Profiting From A Passion For Fashion
Nov 15, 2019

Profiting From A Passion For Fashion

Reporting Texas TV

UT Austin Fashion and Textiles major Javier Uriegas sits down in the suing room to talk pursuing a career in the fashion industry (Carlignon Jones, Reporting Texas TV).

Textile and Apparel major, Javier Uriegas has felt the pressures of choosing a major in an artistic field.

“A lot of people think we’re not as smart as other students like business majors so they think we don’t perform as well as they do and at the end, I will show them that’s not the case,” said Uriegas.

Uriegas who has interned in New York and has been featured in Women’s Wear Daily is now working on a window display for Nieman Marcus with his class and hoping to leave his mark on UT by proving.

“It doesn’t really matter the program or the school that you go into, what you put into it that’s how much you get out it,” said Uriegas.

Fashion Blogger and US Weekly correspondent, Jonathan Valdez would agree after not getting into the major of his choice, Valdez turned lemons into lemonade by getting involved with his school radio station.

“They told me that I couldn’t pursue what I was already pursuing so I found another way I found that work around. I was doing my radio show, interviewing celebrities, and being a journalist through the radio station cause it didn’t matter what your major was there. So, if you really want something bad enough you really have to find how you can make that work. Even if a door does slam in your face, like it has in my face many times, you know look for the window, look for the emergency exit, there always a way to do what you need to do,” said Valdez.

Sixty six percent of Americans report regretting their college major. One of the top reasons is a lack of passion. Fashion photographer, Todd White says following your passion can pay off in the end.

“I worked and pursued the tech industry; I did that for 26 years but I got bored and wasn’t the happiest of persons the whole time so I switched and so I just tell people now chase those dreams especially when your young,” said White.