New Facebook Watch Show Stars UT Austin Student
Nov 15, 2019

New Facebook Watch Show Stars UT Austin Student

Reporting Texas TV

Actor Austin Terry, in his opening scene on the Facebook Watch show SKAM.

He can be seen on a TV screen in commercials or on Facebook Watch as one of the stars of the series SKAM Austin, but what many may not realize is Austin Terry is also a University of Texas student.

“I am naturally an introverted person. I’m usually just wearing a hat just walking in the back of the class sit down and get my crap done,” said Austin Terry

In 2017, Terry landed a roll in SKAM Austin, the same year he got accepted in UT Austin. That year Terry says he went from being bored in community college to filming twelve hours a day and cutting his coursework down to six hours to manage his time.

“Spreading yourself thin is not going to make whatever you’re working for a potent and meaningful thing. So, whatever you do in life whatever you’re passionate about put all of yourself into that. If something can wait, let it wait,” said Terry.

The task of going between school and filming left Vanessa Uhlig, with the difficult decision to leave grad school during her time as a script coordinator on SKAM.

“I’ve always just really, really been into school. Like I never even missed a class in grad school,” said Uhlig.

For Uhlig, the long hours of filming meant giving up one of her passions, education, but she says she doesn’t regret her decision.

“You know even though it was unorthodox to take time off to work I recommend it to anybody who can do it. Like I really believe that UT could and should incorporate a little bit more industry into especially the grad program. If there’s a way to do it I think it did nothing but add to my focus and education about what production is,” said Uhlig.