Students Become Involved in Entrepreneurship Program at UT
Apr 03, 2020

Students Become Involved in Entrepreneurship Program at UT

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AUSTIN, Texas- Known as the Google Maps for everything entrepreneurship on campus, Blackstone Launchpad is allowing students to learn more about the field.

Blackstone LaunchPad is an entrepreneurship program and organization at The University of Texas that provides students with an open space to start a business and connect with mentors.

The program was first created in 2016 and puts on many events each semester.

“Events can be anywhere from workshops, seminar speaking engagements…” said Mitch Jacobson, executive director of Blackstone.

Blackstone held a Kendra Scott workshop on March 5 that focused on women in entrepreneurship.

“Kendra Scott’s foundation has given some grants to The University of Texas around women in entrepreneurship,” Jacobson said.

Blackstone also offers students the chance to connect with mentors.

“A big part of that is surrounding them with mentors to support them in their entrepreneurship journey whether it’s sharing about their own journey as well as giving feedback on a potential idea that students might be interested in exploring,” said Nina Ho, assistant director of Blackstone.

Cali Gitlin, a UT student, started an ice cream company that serves as a meal replacement. Gitlin recently connected with a mentor at Blackstone to help her develop the company.

“They’ve been incredibly helpful in terms of helping me to think about the idea and kind of what next steps look like and also putting me in touch with people that are going to help me achieve those next steps,” said Gitlin.