Jul 27, 2020

New Moms – Maggie Rivera, 27

Reporting Texas

Maggie Rivera of Round Rock gave birth to her youngest son, Giovanni, just 3 weeks ago. She shared how her hospital stay for the birth of Giovanni was different than for her 3 year old. She said that at the beginning of her visit she was scared, but she found her two-and-a-half day stay felt safe. One downside was that her older son was not able to meet his new baby brother until she was discharged and returned home with him, but her boyfriend was allowed to join her in the hospital. She advises other new moms not to stress, and she finds it rewarding just to get to be home with her children.

“This time I am able to stay home with [Giovanni]. With my oldest, I had to go to work after a month so I feel like I missed out on a lot of his little things and now I just feel glad that I am blessed that I am able to stay home with him longer than a month.”


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