Jul 27, 2020

New Moms – Katie Osborne, 35

Reporting Texas


Katie Osborne of Fort Worth is a mom to three young children. Her oldest, Avery, is 5-years-old, her middle child, Hunter, is 3-years-old, and her youngest, Bo, is 7-months-old. She has found that the hardest aspect of her life in a pandemic with Bo is juggling her two other children who would normally be at school during the days. She said her children have been enjoying movie nights and family dinners but jokes that by the end of it they “want to kill each other.” Her advice to other moms during this time is to be sure to take care of yourself too.

“I remember seeing on my newsfeed that there was this virus in China and I remember thinking ‘Oh that’s so far it’ll never get here,’ and then a month later it was changing our lives.”


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