Jul 27, 2020

New Moms – Hallie McDermott, 31

Reporting Texas


Hallie McDermott has found a silver lining to sheltering-in-place in Houston with her 9-month-old daughter Mimi as her two sisters are with her too. She said she is thankful that her sisters have been able to have a little part in raising Mimi. After being furloughed from her job she has discovered an upside, as now she gets to have quiet time and be with Mimi more. She has found it challenging having her husband, JJ, working from home as she tries to entertain Mimi while staying out of his way. Her advice to other new moms is to try find the good in all of this.

“For sure, the most rewarding part has been that my sisters have been able to be here and be with her for so long […] having like gotten these like seven or eight weeks now to like live together and for them to get to like have a little part in raising her as like something I would have never expected.”


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