Jul 27, 2020

New Moms – Courtney Ross, 30

Reporting Texas


Courtney Ross of Dallas had to make a tough decision regarding the safety of her family and her nanny during this uncertain time. She knew she could no longer have her nanny work in her home taking care of her 8-month-old son Lawson, but she did not want to lose her nanny down the line or leave her without pay. She is continuing to pay her nanny, even though the family is sheltering in Water Color, Florida. She is looking forward to having her nanny resume her role once it is safe for everyone. Now that Ross is staying home from work herself, her routine with her son has changed and she has been enjoying spending more time with him.

”My biggest thing, that with Coronavirus is like I’m so lucky. I work full time, but that means that I have a full-time Nanny and she’s like a part of our family and I love her so much. So I had to make the decision that I wasn’t going to allow her to come anymore. And so that was like probably the biggest decision that Ryan and I had to make for this whole thing.”


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