Moody College of Communication Receives High International Ranking
Oct 26, 2023

Moody College of Communication Receives High International Ranking

Reporting Texas TV

AUSTIN, Texas — The 2022 QS World University Rankings placed the Moody College of Communication second in the nation and fourth in the world for communication and media studies programs.

More than 4,700 undergraduate and graduate students currently work toward one of the many degrees the college offers.

Interim dean Rachel Davis Mersey joined Moody in 2020. She said the people set this UT program apart from other communications schools.

“It’s the students, our faculty and staff that make Moody special,” Mersey said.

Communications studies department chair Craig Scott was on staff as a professor until 2005 when he joined Rutgers University. He returned to Moody four years ago and said it is clear why the college consistently receives recognition as one of the best communication programs.

“The combination of coverage, a wide range of communication sub-fields, and doing them all really well, you’re hard pressed to find that,” Scott said.

(Manny Ramirez/Reporting Texas TV)

Floriana Hool, a first year Radio, Television and Film major, said interaction with fellow classmates is a key part of the Moody experience, and she enjoys the networking opportunities at Moody.

“Everyone is really eager to talk to you and make connections no matter what major you are,” Hool said.

Moody also offers opportunities for students to get hands-on experience in their respective fields.

Media outlets like Texas Student Television and Reporting Texas TV help students by showing them how things run at an actual news station. UT also boasts The Daily Texan, the most award-winning college publication in the country. The training students can receive while they earn their degrees sets them up for success once they graduate.

The expectations will continue to rise each year, but Moody faculty and students are confident the college is more than up to the challenge.