Georgetown Promotes Water Conservation with Artistic Rain Barrels
Oct 26, 2023

Georgetown Promotes Water Conservation with Artistic Rain Barrels

Reporting Texas TV

GEORGETOWN, Texas – The second annual South Main Arts Festival on Oct. 12 meshed art and water together to raise awareness on water conservation.

The City of Georgetown’s Water Conservation Team asked local artists to submit proposals for participation in its Painted Rain Barrel Project. The city’s regulatory and conservation manager, Tiffany Diaz, said the project aims to highlight rain barrels as a sustainable watering resource and as a source of irrigation water for homes.

“If we use rain barrels then we can collect rainwater when we get rain. We can use that water to irrigate and water our plants rather than use our clean drinking water for that,” Diaz said.

The painted rain barrels were part of a silent auction in which people could bid on their barrel of choice. The earnings from the auction will go to water conservation education and outreach materials for Georgetown Independent School District.

“Kids are great sources. They’re eager to learn of this stuff and they’ll soak it up and take it home to encourage their parents to be mindful of water conservation,” Diaz said.

The festival also included artists’ booths and a public art mural on stretch wrap among other activities.

Georgetown Arts and Culture program coordinator Amanda Still said she hopes the festival can educate people on art appreciation and will continue to expand in future years.

“Georgetown is really proud of our downtown. We want to maintain the charm of our downtown, that’s what people love and what they love to come see,” Still said.

As the festival grows, its reach extends beyond just Georgetown.

Karen Buerkle, a native Austinite, has family in Georgetown and said she came to the festival to support the city and the artists.

She read about the art barrels in a Georgetown email newsletter, and bid on a rain barrel painted with water lilies.

“Water conservation is so important. We all need to think about how we are using our water,” Buerkle said.