Alpha Epsilon Phi To Host Greek Get Down for Charity
Nov 05, 2019

Alpha Epsilon Phi To Host Greek Get Down for Charity

Reporting Texas TV

For the fifth year in a row, the Alpha Epsilon Phi sorority at UT Austin is putting together a Greek Get Down.

“Greek Get Down is a Greek wide dance competition put on by Alpha Epsilon Phi. Each year all of the sororities on campus compete for a cash prize for their philanthropies,” said Rachel Seiberg, the co-coordinator of Greek Get Down.

Seiberg, 20, is a member of AEPhi and dances alongside twenty of her sorority sisters. During the event, members from every UT sorority dance in front of judges and an audience hoping to win.

“Alpha Epsilon Phi brings all the sororities together on campus and we all compete to raise money for our philanthropies. Good healthy competition dancing to raise money,” said Olivia MacDowell, the Greek Get Down representative for her sorority, Delta Delta Delta.

Run completely by students, Greek Get Down allows members of each sorority to grow their passion for dance and get more involved in the UT community. It also raises awareness to issues each sorority feels connected to.

MacDowell, 22, has been involved in Greek Get Down since freshman year and now for the second year in a row she is her chapter’s representative.

“We won my freshman year, we got second place my sophomore and junior year. When you win the dance section you get $750 and it goes directly to our philanthropy, St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital,” said MacDowell.

The event will take place in Hogg Auditorium on the UT campus Friday, Nov. 8 and the winning sorority will take home $1,000 for the philanthropy of their choice. So far, AEPhi has raised over $9,000 for their main philanthropy, the Elizabeth Glazer Pediatric Aids Foundation.

“The Elizabeth Glazer Pediatric Aids Foundation, also known as EGPAF, is an organization whose mission is to end pediatric HIV and AIDS,” said Emily Duberman, AEPhi’s Philanthropy Chair.

According to Duberman, all of the money from tickets and merchandise purchased for the event are donated directly to EGPAF in hopes to make a difference towards pediatric AIDS.