UT Student Organizations Remain Active Despite COVID-19
Apr 09, 2020

UT Student Organizations Remain Active Despite COVID-19

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Texas Darlins photo shoot

Texas Belles officers at Spring 2020 ‘Bake off Belles’ event.”

AUSTIN, TX Students are involved in more than 1,100 organizations on campus and are finding unique ways to stay connected amid the changes brought by COVID-19.  

Texas Belles, an event planning organization on campus, gives its members event planning experience and the opportunity to connect with outside event industry professionals. By moving online, members aren’t getting that experience.

“We completely cancelled all of our events for this semester and that also means we’re not planning for them anymore,” Texas Belles communications director Maddie Badowski said.

However, Texas Belles meetings will now be held online through Zoom. 

Texas Belles was scheduled to plan an event for its seniors, but are concerned that won’t happen. 

“One of the events we were going to put on this semester was an event for our seniors, so we’re just concerned about making sure we can still honor them and do something special,” Badowski said. 

Despite having moved online, Texas Belles is hopeful that during these times, UT organizations will be able to adapt. 

“I think this is causing all student orgs to adapt in ways they never have before… and I think that it’s pushing everyone to just be innovative, adaptable and to work together,” Badowski said. 

Texas Darlins, a spirit organization, won’t be holding meetings at all due to its large number of members. 

“As far as meetings, because there are so many of us, there was just no way to make that work,” Texas Darlins vice president Mykaela Johnson said. 

Texas Darlins decided to cancel all of its events and refund its members. 

Yet, Texas Darlins is continuing to remain active on social media. 

“We have a workout Wednesday in the works so girls will post workout videos of themselves on our Facebook group just to check in with another and see each other’s faces,” Johnson said. 

Nevertheless, Texas Darlins is ensuring that they keep their organization connected. 

“We’re trying our absolute best to keep friendships intact, keep our name out there, keep our social media going, and just making ourselves available for each other,” Johnson said.