UT Buys Campus-Adjacent High-Rise Apartments
Nov 02, 2021

UT Buys Campus-Adjacent High-Rise Apartments

Reporting Texas TV

AUSTIN, Texas — The University of Texas at Austin purchased Dobie Twenty21 in an effort to expand affordable student housing and dining services, according to the university’s media relations director.

The long-standing apartment complex at the corner of Guadalupe Street and 21st Street has amenities such as a food court, Target and other stores underneath.

Media relations director J.B. Bird said the purchase price is about $104 million and the complex should house almost 1,000 students this upcoming school year. Current residents include students, but it is unknown if they will retain their spots there next year.

All students must apply to live at Dobie, which means current student residents are unable to renew their lease.

Ashlyn Dahl is one of the students excited for this change and what it means not only for UT, but Dobie as well.

Ashlyn Dahl frequently does her homework at Dobie Twenty21’s rooftop park. (Photo: Lucy Lopez)

New management is set to start in late February, but current Dobie staff said not much should change in regard to current resident living.

“I don’t expect too much change or changes for their lifestyles,” Dobie Twenty21 property manager Cade Nichols said.

“The university wants to bring positive improvement…and we can only really go forward and move with them for the betterment of Dobie and Dobie residents.”

Current residents will be allowed to finish their leases through the end of May. After that, all spots will be filled via an application process through the University Housing Services Portal.

“Students will meet with University Housing and Dining representatives in the next month or so,” Bird said.

“That meeting will be a chance for housing and dining staff to get input from students so that they can be planning for the transition when we take over.”

The university hopes to bring on more staff. Current resident assistants and staff will be permitted to stay.

Dobie Twenty21, formerly known as the Dobie Center, opened in 1972. It has space for 980 residents. (Photo: Lucy Lopez)