Jul 27, 2020

Sports Journalists – Larissa Liska, 27

Reporting Texas

Larissa talked about how her station, WLTZ in Columbus, Georgia, has asked her to cover more news stories during the coronavirus pandemic. She also showed how she has transformed her living room into a makeshift studio for her to report from during this pandemic. Larissa talked about covering Auburn, Alabama and Georgia during the pandemic, which has included a virtual Zoom press conference with Auburn Quarterback Bo Nix, and other Zoom interviews with local athletes committing to one of those SEC schools. She even mentioned how she got to talk to a local football player who got drafted in the recent NFL Draft, and how she was able to interview him at his high school football field while maintaining her social distance.

“What’s been a buzzkill is I’ve probably gone out more lately to do news…and the thing about sports too is like we’ve got our sports connections, but with news we don’t have those connections, so I’ve had to build…I’ve been building relationships with like some of the community, or with the hospitals.”


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