Jul 27, 2020

Sports Journalists – Amanda Atwell, 26

Reporting Texas

Amanda Atwell talked about how her news director at CBS 4 (KVEO in Brownsville, Texas) let her and the other CBS 4 Sports anchor/reporter continue to cover sports during the coronavirus pandemic. She has had to report from her living room, like the other sports anchors/reporters I talked to, and she hasn’t been at the station since March 13, because she has asthma and her news director told her to stay at home for her own good. Amanda said she and Daniel Esteve, the other sports anchor/reporter at CBS 4, have resorted to daily Twitter polls called “Quarantine Quick Hits” and Facebook Live sessions to try and keep their viewers’ interest during this crazy time when there hasn’t been any fresh sports content.

“We’ve kind of had to think out of the box in terms of how are we going to like create content that people care about when a lot of reporters have still been able to like go out and do packages and stuff.”


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