Noble 2500 Construction Delays Frustrate Residents
Nov 10, 2022

Noble 2500 Construction Delays Frustrate Residents

Reporting Texas TV

AUSTIN, Texas — Nearly three months after student residents were supposed to move in, apartment complex Noble 2500 announced Wednesday even more delays to its opening.

On its website, Noble advertised stylish living to University of Texas students beginning Aug. 18. However, in July, future residents received the first in a series of emails delaying the opening because of unfinished construction. Now, the earliest projected move-in date is Dec. 1. 

“Your word as a business, as a company, as a team means a lot,” leaseholder Daniela Martinez said. “All of the promises that they’ve made, they don’t really live up to those promises.” 

As a temporary solution, Noble offered future residents two options. Leaseholders could pay rent to Noble 2500 and receive lodging in the Moxy Hotel and a $40 daily stipend, or find an alternative temporary living place and receive $150 compensation for every day construction is not finished. Those who choose the second option will not pay any rent to Noble 2500 until they move in.

Construction continues on the Noble 2500 apartment complex. (Photo: Taryn Jones, Reporting Texas TV)

Leaseholders have been receiving this money in the form of gift cards, where they allocate money to certain brands or choose a bank card option. However, some like Breanna Milan said gift cards are often sent late and the bank option must be transferred to another person and back before money appears in their accounts. 

“I’ve been adding it to my Apple wallet, but it doesn’t work 100% of the time,” Milan said. “I’ve gotten probably six gift cards and I’ve been only able to add two of them.” 

A lease agreement provided to Reporting Texas TV by a leaseholder states tenants may end their lease if possession of their unit is not provided within 90 days of the date the lease begins. The 90-day period ends Nov. 16. 

To break their lease, residents must provide the company written notice within six days after the 90-day mark. 

“The amount of stress that comes when you know that the reservation end date is coming up and you still have nowhere to live, it’s just too much,” Martinez said. 

Martinez rented an Airbnb after Noble 2500 staff urged her to take the non-Moxy option. However, she said she was misled over how severe the delays would be and now faces housing insecurities due to limited options for short-term renting in Austin. 

“The F1 Race was coming up so obviously everywhere was booked,” Martinez said. “At that point I started sobbing. I’m homeless. I have nowhere to go if I don’t find anywhere and right now it looks like I’m not going to be finding anyplace.” 

The Austin Code Violations Department arrived while we interviewed Martinez and said the Airbnb she was living was illegally renting to tenants. She moved into another Airbnb the following week. 

Residents who chose to live in the Moxy Hotel also face challenges. None of the rooms came with refrigerators, stoves or microwaves. 

“I have to go to my friends just to cook,” Milan said. “I have to go to my friends to wash my dishes. I have to go to my friends to do things that I would be able to do if I had my own apartment.”

According to an email from Austin Development Service Department Public Information Specialist Robbie Searcy, construction delays are attributed to, “labor and supply chain shortages.”

In emails to residents, Noble 2500 said construction was delayed due to issues in the permitting and inspection processes.

A spokesperson for WGC Partners, the development company behind Noble 2500, declined to comment when asked what the company is doing to finish construction by November.