New Pool Creates New Opportunity
Apr 21, 2022

New Pool Creates New Opportunity

Reporting Texas TV

AUSTIN – In his final months before becoming a collegiate swimmer, Dietrich Hagenau will train at the new Eanes Aquatic Center at Westlake High School.

Ever since Hagenau moved to Austin from California, he has been fighting to get a new pool built for himself and his teammates.

“It’s very rewarding to hear that we have finally been able to bring that,” Hagenau said. “Sadly they built it after my high school career ended but I’m still grateful to be able to use it for my club practices.”

Austin has had a shortage of pools for years. Even though one of the world’s best facilities, the Jamail Texas Swimming Center, resides in the city, the number of high-level facilities doesn’t compare to other major cities in the state such as San Antonio or Dallas.

However, that has not stopped Austin from producing some of the best swimmers in the world.

“A lot of your best swimmers come from Texas,” said Ian Crocker, a former Olympian and current head coach for the Westlake Whitecaps swim team.

“A lot of people on the Olympic team grew up swimming in Texas, and the Austin area has become a powerhouse within that.”

Crocker said just having another pool is great for the city of Austin, but having one on this level will be a great opportunity for the community.

(Photo: Kevin Malcolm Jr., Reporting Texas TV)

While the pool gives the city a chance to keep producing amazing swimmers, it’s not just about hard work.

“My main goal as a coach is to help the younger kids associate swimming with fun,” Crocker said.

Even though Crocker is making sure the kids are enjoying the sport, people of all ages can find a home. Competitive swimmers who want to join in the fun can sign up for the Masters Swim Team located at the new aquatic center.

For recreational swimmers, there are also 400 lifetime memberships available. A single membership will cost $3,750 for the license plus annual membership dues. If a license holder ever decides to end their membership, they can sell their license to the next person in line.

To learn more, visit the Westlake Aquatic & Social Club website.