Hairstylist Petitions Texas Governor to Reopen Salon
Apr 30, 2020

Hairstylist Petitions Texas Governor to Reopen Salon

Reporting Texas

A-Zany-Do Salon & Spa in Round Rock, Texas

ROUND ROCK – With businesses shut down, many hairstylists are struggling to make ends meet. 

Sarah Johnson, a cosmetologist at A-Zany-Do Salon & Spa in Round Rock, Texas, petitioned Governor Greg Abbott to allow hair stylists to see clients one-on-one. Her petition reached over 15,000 signatures in less than seven days.

“I’m definitely blown away by the responses and how fast it has spread, and how many signatures there are,” Johnson said. “I want to keep spreading the word to bring awareness to people to let them know we’re still not working, we’re still not having an income, and here’s how we could.”

Johnson proposes seeing one client at a time, with both clients and stylists wearing masks and gloves. 

In Virginia Beach, VA, Nicole Nash and Al Kelly opened their salon one month before they were forced to temporarily close. In the meantime, they have found other ways to earn an income. 

“We’ve been doing product deliveries, non-contact product deliveries,” Kelly said. “We basically drop it off on their doorstep so we don’t even come in contact with them.”

Nash and Kelly say staying in contact with their clients is key.

“If you haven’t heard from them, reach out to them,” Nash said. “I say on a weekly basis. Even if you just shoot them a little smiley face, it keeps them engaged.”  

They also believe one-on-one services would be effective, and suggest taking clients’ temperatures. 

“Because we are the owners, we can go opposite days and that gives our clients even more comfort,” Nash said. 

Nash, Kelly and Johnson are all looking forward to reuniting with their clients. 

“I know a lot of my clients personally,” Johnson said. “We’ve cried together, and we’ve hugged, and… to not be able to have that space to do that, it’s challenging.”

“We were super lucky because we have a great clientele and they have been so supportive,” Nash said. “They have reached out in many different ways to help continue the success of the salon in light of what’s going on.”

In Texas, Governor Abbott plans to reopen businesses in phases. Hair salons will reopen in the second phase, but that date is uncertain.