Fiesta Returns and Continues Helping Those in Need
Apr 07, 2022

Fiesta Returns and Continues Helping Those in Need

Reporting Texas TV

SAN ANTONIO — People from all over South Texas came together to support local charities through events like Fiesta Especial.

South Texans missed out on enjoying all of the Fiesta events in the spring over the last two years due to the pandemic.

DisABILITYsa,  a nonprofit organization that puts on events aimed at creating an inclusive community in San Antonio, hosted the 10th Annual Fiesta Especial Inclusion 5K & Parade on Saturday, giving everyone a chance to participate no matter who they are.

(Photo: Kevin Malcolm Jr., Reporting Texas TV)

Melanie Cawthon, co-founder of disABILITYsa, said there are 10 adaptive divisions in their race for people of different levels of ability.

“This is important because everybody likes to compete regardless of ability or how you move forward,” Cawthon said.

“For people with all different types of disabilities, we’re all in one space gathered together,” Cawthon said. “There’s not a lot of opportunities in the community right now where everybody can come together and participate equally.” 

Elodia Lumbreros competed in the 5K for the first time in honor of her 14-year-old daughter Diamond, who has a traumatic brain injury. She said she plans to come back next year.

“It means that much more to me because of my special needs daughter,” Lumbreros said.

DisABILITYsa hopes other organizations will put on events like Fiesta Especial to have more opportunities for anyone to compete.

“We want more than anything for people to duplicate what we are doing so that we can create more spaces to find that sense of belonging and community,” Cawthon said.

You can find more information on how to support or participate on the disABILITYsa website