The End of Cedar Ridge’s Football Season means the End of a Father Son Duo
Nov 20, 2023

The End of Cedar Ridge’s Football Season means the End of a Father Son Duo

Reporting Texas TV

ROUND ROCK, Texas —The buzzer sounded at Kelly Reeves Stadium, marking the end of the game on Friday, Nov. 3, and tears began to flow for Cedar Ridge head coach Sam Robinson. The end of this game meant he coached his son for the final time. His son, Baran Robinson, had been on the two previous varsity teams that earned a spot in the playoffs, yet this year as a senior, Baran would end the season on an eight game losing streak. 

Coach Robinson graduated from San Angelo State University in 1996 and before joining the staff at Cedar Ridge High School, he ran the program at Slaton High School located in the Lubbock metropolitan area. This year marked coach Robinson’s eighth season with the Cedar Ridge Raiders and under his guidance, the Raiders made it to the playoffs every year.

Four years ago, Coach Robinson said he felt some aspects of his job becoming mundane until his son Baran joined the program as a freshman. It would take two years for him to join his dad on the sidelines during Friday night games, but just having him there gave Coach Robinson a new found excitement. 

Cedar Ridge head coach Sam Robinson stands with his son Baran after their final game together at the Kelly Reeves Athletic Complex stadium in Austin, Texas, on Nov 3, 2023. (Manny Ramirez/Reporting Texas TV)

“When I got in my rut is about the time he got into high school, and I got to see him make plays at 7-on-7, so as a dad, I couldn’t ask for something better,” Coach Robinson said. 

As a starting safety for the Raiders, Baran first called his dad “coach” 11 years ago at the age of seven. Now at the age of 18, he can tell the difference between dad and Coach Robinson. 

“I get yelled at a lot when he’s my coach,” Baran said. “He’s a lot more serious on the field, it’s a lot different of a relationship.”

Cedar Ridge head coach Sam Robinson watches as his son Baran attempts a one-handed long snap before their game against McNeil High School on Nov 3, 2023. (Manny Ramirez/Reporting Texas TV)

Another person who has seen the difference between Coach Robinson and Sam, is his wife and mother to Baran, Kathy Robinson. She was in the stands on Friday night for their final game.  When it comes to football and home life, she said it’s two separate things.

“Sam has always been really good at keeping things from work at work and from home at home,” Kathy said. 

Coach Robinson will continue to lead the Raiders and has started building his roster for next season. Baran hopes to attend Texas Tech next fall but will run track and play golf for Cedar Ridge later this school year.