Apr 02, 2020

Texas Umoja Celebrates Women’s History Month with an Open Mic Night

Reporting Texas

AUSTIN, Texas — Songs, prose, and instrument melodies, UT students took the stage to express female empowerment to kick off Women’s History Month.

Texas Umoja opened their doors and microphones to celebrate, Femempowermnet, an annual event to celebrate women and commemorate Black History Month.

Femempowerment is really important because there aren’t that many black women on this campus,” Raven Hamilton, Vice President of Texas Umoja said.

The organization has catered this event towards an array of arts and performances. However, Mercedes Holmes, Femepowerment Host, said this year the organization decided to market it as an open mic night.

“It was just sort of a place for women to have this casual yet intimate space to share what they want in their own terms,” Holmes said .

The black student population at The University of Texas at Austin is four percent. That’s why Texas Umoja uplifts black women in their weekly meetings through sisterhood and unity.

“I think while having this space, it allows us to explore our differences and connect our our differences, while connecting on a common ground,” Holmes said.

While the organization caters towards UT women empowerment, Femempowerment welcomed all guests on stage to speak on the subject of diversity.Tammy Jackson, an audience member, said she was inspired to speak on stage after her friend participated in the event.

“I think it’s important to have events like these, so we can come into fullness of our truth,” Jackson said . “It’s like a place where we can go to unveil ourselves to be free.”

The organization hopes to continue their annual event while emphasizing the importance of encouragement and expression.

“There are many people who can sing, dance, act, do comedy, but no one can do what you do,” Hamilton said. “You are unique.”