Apr 11, 2015

Students Enjoy Communion of Fun and Faith at Rez Week

Reporting Texas


One-dollar dinners, free coffee, music and a lot of faith and spirituality come together every year when student ministries at the University of Texas host  Resurrection Week in the days before Easter.

This year, nearly 700 students and 200 volunteers from more than 20 campus ministries, organizations and churches participated in the 21st annual Rez Week, as it’s known, held March 29 to April 2 at Gregory Plaza, in front of Gregory Gym on the UT-Austin campus.

“People who don’t have faith or are questioning faith can come ask questions and feel free to express their opinions and explore faith without feeling pressured or judged,” said Ehigbor Idonor, a 22-year-old student,  explaining why she loved to attend the event.

A key reason for organizing Rez Week is to unify believers from various ministries on campus, said Justin Christopher, founder of Campus Renewal Ministries, which aims to strengthen Christianity on university campuses. But another important reason is to start a broader dialogue about faith and religion, he said.

The ministries set up a 24-hour hospitality tent. A prayer and worship tent was open 24 hours a day, while performances were held around the clock. Six boards were set up around Gregory Plaza, where students could write their thoughts on questions such as “What happens when you die?”