Jul 27, 2020

Life in a Pandemic

Reporting Texas

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the lives of millions of Americans, including the Spring 2020 students in J362F, Journalism Portfolio. As their final project, some students in one class selected different groups of people affected by quarantines and closures, to learn about their individual experiences of “Life in a Pandemic.”

The following categories complete the phrase “            in a Pandemic.”

Community Heroes by Tehya Rassman
Farmers by Travis Hlavinka
Health and Beauty Professionals by Reagan Morrisey
Latinos/as by Jennifer Martinez
New Moms by Meredith Schmidt
Relationships by Maya Vela
Small Business Owners by Mildret Orellana
Sports Journalists by James Grant
Weddings by Lindsey Logan

Click on any of the subjects above or individual images below to learn their stories.