Jul 27, 2020

Farmers in a Pandemic

Reporting Texas

Growing up in an agricultural community, I’ve seen countless problems inflicted upon the farming and ranching industry where I live. From droughts to hurricanes, I’ve experienced the highs and lows of the economics involved with the production of agricultural-related goods and how those economics affect daily life all across the United States. Being the son of a farmer, the current global situation has had a tremendous impact on my family’s livelihood.

With this project, I wanted to showcase how something like COVID-19 can impact those who already live six feet apart. For my profiles, I wanted to interview people from all across the industry. I decided upon my father, farmer Kenneth Hlavinka; rancher Michael Goudeau; crop insurance salesman Tom Kelley; equipment salesman and county fair president Rodney Jedlicka; and ag teacher Jayson Hill.

I believe each has their own unique perspective about how they’ve dealt with the Coronavirus and how it has changed their lives.


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