Apr 04, 2014

Eyes on Texas: Cruz Goes Palin, Dog Goes Home

A roundup of news, columns and features about the state, from media around the world.

Corbin, a dachshund-chihuahua mix from Killeen, is proving you can go home again. After digging his way out of his backyard, the dog was found 1,100 miles north in Hamilton, Ohio, according to WKRC Cincinnati. Surveillance videos show a woman tethering Corbin to a bench outside the Animal Friends Humane Society there. Employees of the center found him the next morning, soaked by rain. A microchip under his skin revealed the pooch’s owner to be Mike Saiz of Killeen. Dog and owner were reunited this week.

An unidentified flying object was spotted over Amarillo on March 10 according to Fox News. Images of the mystery aircraft were captured at Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport by a group of aviation enthusiasts who had assembled for a day of plane watching. One of them, Steve Douglass, thought the object was a B-2 bomber, but concluded he could not identify the aircraft. Douglass has ruled out aliens as a possibility. Aviation Week, which first reported the story, said “the photos tell us more about what the mysterious stranger isn’t than what it is.”

It is Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s turn to go rogue, the Washington Examiner reports. HarperCollins will pay Cruz a $1.5 million advance to write a memoir, which is $250,000 more than former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin got for her book, “Going Rogue.” Cruz is a tea party darling and prospective 2016 presidential candidate. The book is expected to contain Cruz’s vision for the nation.