Oct 11, 2013

Eyes on Texas: A Bacon Straw and a Vengeful Granny

A roundup of news, columns and features about the state, from media around the world.

The Huffington Post reports that a server at a TGI Friday’s in Garland gave a Muslim woman a drink with bits of bacon stuffed into her straw. Muslims don’t eat pork. The bacon-stuffed straw was given to the woman after she had sent back a salad because it contained bacon. The woman said the manager told her that, “Our wait staff does not have access to the kitchen, and they wouldn’t do that on purpose.”

A Houston grandmother took someone literally when he told her to “piss off,” according to Britain’s The Daily Mail. Surveillance video showed a process-serving granny in Houston urinating on a businessman’s driveway in what is believed to be a revenge attack. The woman is seen pulling down her pants, urinating on the real estate broker’s driveway, re-dressing and leaving. He probably should have taken the papers.

A Fort Worth man attacked two innocent men with an ax and a chainsaw, and then apologized, according to a report in The New York Daily News. Jose Deleon and his son were putting gas into their car when the man drove up, jumped out and attacked them. The assailant apologized for thinking they were someone else – after he had injured the son with the saw.

FARS News, an Iranian news agency, notes that nutrition scientists from Texas Tech University found that a diet high in a type of fat may increase metabolism. Experimenting on mice, the researchers found that an enzyme converted unhealthy, saturated fat molecules into healthier, unsaturated fat.