Mar 06, 2015

EoT: Snakes on a Cane

Eyes on Texas, a roundup of news, columns and features about the state, from media around the world.

Going to jail became a family affair when a Texas man visiting his son landed behind bars after being caught with a 2-foot sword.

Jose Gonzalez, 53, carried the sword hidden inside a cane to the Bexar County jail, Reuters and the Huffington Post reported. Gonzalez walked through a scanner without using his cane, which a separate security device detected.

Authorities booked Gonzalez on a charge of illegally carrying a weapon. A spokesman for the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office said they did not know why Gonzalez had the sword, but he slithered out on bond.


A T-shirt proclaiming “WARNING: I Do Dumb Things” was prophetic for a 66-year-old man. He was arrested last week in Bell County a ninth time for drunk driving, and was wearing the T-shirt when deputies took his mugshot, The Smoking Gun reported.

His drunk driving history shot his arrest up to a felony, and he was released after posting $25,000 bond.