Nov 14, 2014

EoT: Nude Driver and a Baby Ring Bearer

A roundup of news, columns and features about the state, from media around the world.

A school bus driver was caught sunbathing naked next to a middle school in Weatherford, a town near Fort Worth, reported the New York Daily News last week.

A passerby spotted Mayford Davis, 69, as he was tanning his body in the parking lot next to Tison Middle School and called the cops on him.

According to local reports, Davis was “nude and lying face down in the grassy area between the air conditioners and the outer fence on the southeast side of the main school building.”

Davis was pulling up his shorts when an officer approached.

“I believe he said he chose the spot because there wasn’t anyone around, and he’d done it often,” Weatherford police Sgt. Matt Vinson told the Daily News.

Davis was subsequently fired.


The Huffington Post reported this week that U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, a Texas Republican, has taken to Twitter to lash out at net neutrality and Obamacare in a single sentence.

After President Obama’s recent call for the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) to ensure net neutrality, Cruz tweeted: “‘Net Neutrality’ is Obamacare for the Internet; the Internet should not operate at the speed of government.”

Cruz’s remarks triggered a backlash from all points on the political spectrum, including some members of his own party.

Daily Kos quoted a number of comments from Cruz’s Facebook page. Jinnie McManus wrote, “[S]top making my party look like morons and look up net neutrality. It doesn’t mean what you and your speechwriters think it means.”

Cruz is a well-known critic of Obamacare.


The New York Daily News reported that J.J., a premature baby wearing a tiny tuxedo, became the ring bearer for his parents’ wedding.

Midlothian residents Kristi Warriner and Justin Nelson exchanged vows in the neonatal intensive care unit of Cook Children’s Medical Center, where J.J. was born two months ago. His brother was stillborn.

“After losing our baby Colt, J.J.’s twin, we decided we’ve been putting it off for too long and with [J.J.] getting stronger, we wanted to share this day and include him in it as well,” said Warriner.

Their 8-year-old daughter was the flower girl.