Oct 19, 2012

EoT: Ban on Bible Verses Reversed, Big Cats v. Big Oil and Manson Murder Cases

A weekly look at how the media world outside of Texas views the state.

The Los Angeles Times reported the latest developments in the lawsuit between East Texas cheerleaders and Hardin County, which had banned the squad from scribbling Bible phrases on football banners. The ban has been temporarily overturned until a final decision can be made in the case.

In other “sports” news, the L.A. Times also reported that Texas-born Dodgers player Josh Beckett is suing a pipeline builder for destroying the habitat of the endangered ocelot on his Texas ranch.

The Star Tribune in Minneapolis reported that a federal judge in Texas has blocked an attempt by the Los Angeles Police Department to obtain tapes of conversations between a Manson family disciple and his attorney that police believe could help clear up more than a dozen unsolved murders, citing them as off-limits until their possesser’s, Manson’s now-deceased defense lawyer’s firm, bankruptcy appeal is heard.