Feb 19, 2013

Eyes on Texas: Auf Wiedersehen, Y’all

A roundup of news and views about the state of Texas, from media around the world.

Global Post is the latest publication to focus on The Texas German Dialect Project and the near-extinction of Texas German. Sounding “like a strange mishmash of English and German,” only about 8,000 people can speak the dialect, “the youngest of whom are in their 60s.” The article, which includes audio, adds that Texas German traditions such as Oktoberfest and Wurstfest are integrated into the state’s culture, but the dissipation of the dialect could lead to the extinction of “an entire culture and way of life that deeply shaped Texas.”

The Washington Post examines the Golden Triangle refineries near the historic Spindletop gusher. The refineries are “eagerly awaiting” approval of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline, where they would be the final stop.

USA Today, showing interest in another cultural institution, reports that “guns are right at home” in the state. “This is Texas, and everybody has a gun,” according to the article and video.

The Los Angeles Times writes about “the rocker-turned-gun-rights activist” Ted Nugent and his attendance at President Obama’s State of the Union address. He was a guest of Steve Stockman, the conservative congressman from East Texas. Nugent — who had earlier said he would “either be dead or in jail” if the president were re-elected — was respectful during the address but like other conservatives heard very little that he liked.

Breakfast tacos, the State Fair of Texas and the fact that “impressively bearded dudes are never in short supply” are three of Buzzfeed’s 50 sure signs that Texas is actually Utopia.