Feb 07, 2023

Driven: Race Champ Overcomes Challenges

Photo Gallery by Ry Olszewski

Since he was 4, Chris Morris loved to race. He was a motocross competitor for 16 years, but in 2016, he broke his back while practicing for a race. Even though he now needs a wheelchair, he still wanted to race and was determined to find a way to do it.

“When racing’s been your whole life, you can’t get rid of it that easily, or at least I couldn’t,” Morris said. “I knew I wanted to race something.”

Now, six years later, Morris drives a stock car and has won tens of championships on dirt tracks around the country. He dominates the sport more commonly known as outlaw racing and is also the track champion of Cotton Bowl Speedway in Paige, Texas.

Morris races a “modified,” a type of stock car with open front wheels and a regulated motor. He controls his car with a lever in one hand that operates the gas and brakes and the steering wheel in the other. His father, Nick, also a motocross rider, spends much of his time as part of Morris’ pit crew along with Morris’ fiancé, Brenda Kirby, herself a race car driver.

In October, Cotton Bowl Speedway hosted its last race of the season, OctoberFAST, where Morris raced successfully to protect his title. He is currently working in the garage planning for the next racing season.