Dec 13, 2021

A Podcast: James White’s Legacy Unbroken at The Broken Spoke

Reporting Texas

Tracie Lynn performs at The Broken Spoke

James White, the founder of the The Broken Spoke, died almost a year ago in January 2021. But his presence and vision lives on through the vibrato of cowboy boots two-stepping across the legendary honky-tonk’s dance floor to the wail of traditional country music. Reporting Texas’ Danielle Streetenberger and Sarah Velasquez sat down with White’s widow, Annetta, daughter, Terri, and other characters, including White’s English son-in-law, Michael Peacock, who confessed to being in on an inside joke as an “imposter” of a Texas cowboy. We hear about the start of George Strait’s career there, as well as Mick Jagger’s visit there just last month. One thing is as clear as a pluck on a fiddle on a rowdy Saturday night: this legendary dance hall ¬†continues to thrive as James White’s lasting legacy.


James White’s ‘Tourist Trap’

With all the beer flowing at this honky-tonk it’s amazing the carpet on this pool table is this clean